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Pastor Daniel Krawchuck

Daniel Krawchuck is Senior Pastor of our multi-cultural church representing over ten nations named “Tabernacle of Meetings.” He also serves as president of an International Ministry named “Doors to the Nations International.” This ministry covers over one hundred and twenty other churches in Central America, Mexico, Brazil, USA, and more. Pastor Daniels vision is to impact the lives of people all over the world, with a modern-day Ministry of the prophetic. 
In 2010, Pastor Daniel celebrated twenty-five years of marriage with his only wife, Ruth Krawchuck, and together they have three world changers: Christina, Steven, and Lauren. He also has six grandchildren: Chantel, Samuel, Natalia, Elysia, Elizabeth, and Rachel. 
In 2011, Pastor Daniel served as President of the Hispanic Pastor Association for four years covering the Eastern region. This includes North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.
In 2015, Pastor Daniel was invited to join South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley’s Domestic Violence Task Force, which he embraced and served until Governor Haley left to work with President Donald Trump.
He states: “Our vision as a team is to change, restore, and equip the saints of God through prophetic worship into a spiritual revival of the spirit man and a transformation of the soul. As a multi-cultural church on the cutting edge with our prophetic praise and worship and message, God is moving.” 
We are a World Shaker Center for those seeking more in a church.

Pastor Ruth Krawchuck


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Christina Cortes


Tim Faber

Revelation 12 talks about war in Heaven, and how the brethren (us) overcame our accuser (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!  This verse shows how powerful our testimonies are, because we proclaim the truth!  Jesus said in John 8:31-32: “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  To abide means to stay, to live there.  There is no other way to be truly free!  He declares in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  Let’s be living testimonies to Him, in Jesus’ Name!


Nathalie Diaz

My name is Nathalie Díaz, I was born in Honduras. I moved to United States when I was eleven years old. I was raised in church my whole life but never understood the real meaning of being a Christian until I met the person of the Holy Spirit and had a personal relationship with the Lord. I got married on the year of 2014 and that’s when I started attending Tabernacle Of Meetings church. This church has changed my life, the anointing that we have in the house it’s amazing, we can experience a close encounter with the Holy Spirit every time we are there. I’m happily married to Fabricio Díaz and we have two amazing kids.

Lea Rene

Led by the Lord, I founded FROG (Faithfully Rely On God) Ministry many years ago. I ministered to the homeless in the shelters and in the woods, to the inmates at the prison, to the women & children of domestic violence, and to our seniors in nursing homes. But 3 ½ years later God had me lay down the FROG to enter into a new season. I went on sabbatical and delved into the Word of God. In the midst of building my relationship with Him, He revealed His will for me. I am now an ordained minister at Tabernacle Church and a published author who is blessed with the gift of writing— for the glory of God— always!


Mario Rios


Fabricio Diaz

When my wife, Nathalie Diaz, and I got married in 2014, we decided that Jesus was the center of our lives at all times. Months later, God showed us a children’s dining room… Humanly many questions came about how we were going to do it and again we remember that Jesus is the center and when  he sends you he equips you. We put the word into action and we began to see impressive financial miracles. For the glory of God, we feed fifty children and five widows every day. God has been faithful and does not stop surprising us. We work for him and he works to us.


Elaine Brown

I thank the Lord Jesus that he has given us the victory through all things that any evil has tried to dominate over the whole earth and all of creation. With the effects of the plague, Tabernacle Church has prevailed by volunteering time, money, and energy to feed those who are misfortuned or unprivileged. I have been a volunteer, intercessor, ordained preacher, and praise, worship,dance, and song administrator. I have prayed with the sick in and out of this church with those in need. This has been done with the covering of the anointing, and with acknowledgments from Pastor Daniel and Ruth of my validity. Being a contributor of finances to build and operate churches out of the country, orphanages, and homes for widows through the church has been a blessing. I love you and I know Yeshua loves you more!

Joel Cortes



Linda Wehrung